Special Features

Situated in the heart of srirangam, this school with excellent infrastructure facilities is a dream come true for the residents of Srirangam procuring nominal fees and providing quality education.

Vignesh, a very familiar name in the locality stands for supremacy, sincerity and sound education. The school opened for the cause of education to lower middle class children is on the right path imparting education along with moral values.


The school has a sound infrastructure Airy classrooms, hygienic toilets, highly ventilated rooms, ground, smart class to facilitate children to understand concepts. There are many smart boards for the benefit of students at various levels.

EZ Vidya : A software computer programme for class I to IX enables students to learn the core of the language with utmost ease.

Mikids is a small program in phonetics introduced for students in the kinder garden level for the purpose of English communication at lower level itself. Phonetics, help the students to understand language better and also helps the children to gain confidence.

School cinema is introduced to improve the morale of the students as today's students are tomorrow citizen. Hence stress is given on moral value, like respecting elders; good thoughts etc. short films are played on the day of parent teacher meet to help parents handle adolescent children.

I Geek technology have introduced new school soft ware this year.

S.No. Room No Area
1. Physics Lab 1 46.19 m2
2. Chemistry Lab 1 69.32m2
3. Biology Lab 1 46.19m2
4. Computer Lab 1 45.50m2
5. Battery Room 1 5.54m2
6. Library 1 86.24m2
7. Yoga Room 1 31.23m2
8. Smart Room 5 49.41m2
9. Other Rooms 15 23.43m2
10. Kids Play Rooms 3 31.23m2